Port Soif Peaceful (Channel Islands series) - SOLD

By Darren Cranmer


Oil on canvas board 40x30cm.

Growing up in Guernsey and having spent most of my life on the little sea jewel, there was always a background meditative peace found when walking along the beaches and finding beautiful havens to view and listen to the sea. The other islands, Herm, Sark, Alderney and Jersey are equally beautiful each with their own charm. My work so far had not approached depicting the islands, however now it seems the right time to begin capturing the scenic seascapes and shorelines.

Continuing my artistic journey into oil painting, I found that applying morphing and blending sections into more representational sections really compliments the contours of the shorelines and encroaching sea. Movement and dynamacy gives life and a certain dreamlike effect that I wanted to relay to the viewer.

The series of paintings so far are sized at 30 x 40 cm (unframed) which is a good general size for many people to hang up a nice seascape around the home, plus it allows me to offer a very accessible pricing.

Width 40.0cm x Height 30.0cm
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